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Restaurant servers don’t know much about food allergies, study finds

When eating out, people with food allergies often have to trust their servers for information on what is safe to eat. But most restaurant staff have limited knowledge about allergies, according to new research. An international research team tested the food allergy knowledge of 295 restaurant staff members in 15 randomly selected districts of Düsseldorf,…MORE

Police and the FBI will speak about the missing Illinois boy AJ Freund

A week after two Illinois parents reported their 5-year-old son as missing, Crystal Lake Police and the FBI are expected to hold a news conference at 1 p.m. ET to discuss the case. Soon after beginning their investigation, police said it was likely the boy, Andrew “AJ” Freund, was neither abducted nor walked away from…MORE

Nickelodeon and CBS TV Studios team up for animated ‘Star Trek’ series

Nickelodeon is beaming up a new animated “Star Trek” series with help from CBS TV Studios. The show is billed as a chance to introduce the “Star Trek” universe to a new generation of viewers. The CG-animated series “follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search…MORE

Dozens of cars submerged in Dallas airport parking garage

Heavy rains flooded a parking garage at Dallas Love Field Airport, submerging dozens cars and trucks — some up to the rooftops. Will Kolb told CNN that he had to drive through about two feet of water to get out of the garage just after midnight on Wednesday morning. He was parked at an upper…MORE

Wanted: A central banker with nerves of steel to deal with Brexit

The Bank of England is looking for a new boss, but applicants beware: The successful candidate will inherit an economy traumatized by Brexit. Three years of confusion over how, when and even if Britain will leave the European Union has hurt growth and caused the housing market to weaken, auto production to slump and investment…MORE

Most Americans want lower health care costs, not ‘Medicare for All’ or Obamacare repeal

Washington may be obsessed with enacting “Medicare for All” or repealing Obamacare, but Americans have other priorities. They want Congress to prioritize reducing health care costs and protecting those with pre-existing conditions, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Wednesday. Roughly two-thirds of respondents ranked lowering drug prices and continuing protections for those with…MORE


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